Rosy-melon Milkshake!

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Rosy-melon Milkshake is a perfect blend of flavours like watermelon, rose and milk. It also helps to eliminate heat and exertion due to the hot hectic day. Want to make one for your own? Stay tuned…

Fresh watermelon Fruit chopped

Watermelon’s are great for the summer as they provide good amount of glucose and water to the body.

Little back story on Rosymelon: I was getting back to home and the sun was shining hot in the sky same like past few days. On that day I was a lot thirsty and was finding something cool to drink. But I was not convinced to drink any soft drinks or energy drinks instead, I was in search of some kind of milkshakes.

And I saw two shops one selling rosy flavoured milk and the other selling watermelon slices. ANd then I got an idea to experiment with. So I asked them to pack me one glass of milk and few slices of watermelon.

After reaching home, I quickly kept both the packets on the table and brought a knife. I then quickly sliced the slices of watermelon into small cubes. Then I added the watermelon cubes into the milk and in the result, I got an awesome tasting milkshake.

As I liked it I thought to let few of my friends and family taste it. The same day evening I prepared the Rosymelon Milkshake and offer to my friends and family. And you know what? They too loved it. Many times I offered it to different guests on different occasions.

Then I thought that I should be sharing this awesome milkshake with other people and spreading the recipe.

Rosymelon Milkshake Recipe:

Now, without wasting time anymore let’s collect the following ingredients and make some delicious drink together:


You’ll need following items to prepare our milkshake:

  1. Sugar (optional)
  2. Milk (Skimmed/Full fat/as per your taste)
  3. Rose flavour
  4. Watermelon
  5. Mint / Basil (optional)

Process: (how to make Rosymelon milkshake?)

For preparing a 250 ml of serving:

  1. Take 250 ml of skimmed milk in a glass.
  2. Add 2 tbs of rose flavour. ( check on the label for the exact amount per serving)
  3. Stir it well as it makes a perfect blend.
  4. Add 2 tbs of sugar only if your rose flavour does not contain any sweeteners in them.
  5.  Stir it well to make the blend perfect.
  6. Now take a slice of watermelon and cut the skin away.
  7. Chop that slice of watermelon into small cubes.
  8. And finally chill them both: the rose milk and the cubes.
  9. Mix them both when served.

Serving / Plating:

Take chilled cubes and rose milk. Pour milk into the serving glass of about 250 ml and add the cubes of the watermelon without seeds into the glass.

And Yes, Do Not overload the watermelon cubes. The serving should have a handful of small cubes just to cover the surface of the glass.

Now if you want to go an extra mile then add some mint leaves on the top of the glass and add some basil seeds into the serving. DO NOT forget to pre-soak the basils.

Serve the watermelon milkshake chilled and enjoy your drinks with people you love to share and talks.

Watermelon Juice Recipe: (if someone does not like milk)

Well as all people are not the same on a point. The same way many people do not like milkshakes so the following recipe is for them:

*Note:- This is for people who do not like milk to drink.


You’ll need only:

  1. Watermelon
  2. Ice (optional: for adding crush in the juice)
  3. Mint / Basil (optional)
  4. Sugar(Optional)


For preparing a 250ml of serving:

  1. Slice the watermelon.
  2. Chop the slices into pieces and remove seeds (Size doesn’t matter but the small you chop the better blend it gets).
  3. Add small ice cubes one-third of the chopped watermelon. (Only if you want to have crush in the juice)
  4. Add some sea-salt or sugar. DO NOT Add Both, if you like it sweet add 2 tbs sugar and if you like salted add 1 tbs sea-salt.
  5. Blend the mixture and be careful if you are making with crushed ice. Try to avoid continuous collision of ice cubes with the blender blade. Or just crush the ice-cubes separately and add it later on. (you can also use mixture grinder instead of blender)
  6. Pour the resulted juice into the glass.

Serving / Plating:

Chop a fresh watermelon into small cubical/rectangular pieces. And slide them in equal proportion into the watermelon juice glasses to be served.

Then pour the chilled watermelon juice into the glasses and serve the drink chilled.

If you want you can still make it little different by adding some crushed ice into the serving glasses, it gives crunchy and chilling effect into the mouth. Also, add mint leaves on the top and basil seeds into the juice. Remember to pre-soak basil seeds.

Enjoy your watermelon juice with people you love to share and talks.

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Dhaval chandpara · 22nd Apr 17 1:14 pm

What a awesome thought i really appreciate it. I liked​it the way you tell about it. I m gonna make it happen at home hy following your blog, while reading i can't control on throght because it started sumping water. Again thank you DC4SURE

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