This product is ultimate result of my efforts i gave and i left hopes and much more. Confusion frustrated and seeeing everyone around in oppose to me. This is the day with a tear in my eye writing this piece of description. I have still crossed my fingers and hoping that you people could stumble upon this site and love it and share it. Ultimatly now my goal is to be useful and helpful to people out there. As it was always like that but was also more concered to earings but now its pure love and sake of my passion. Thank you, this is mayur chandpara Editor and developer and the therapist on healthni.

We are... Sry I am...

Hey the editor, the marketer and all possible position you can guess is me(MayurChandpara). So a big hello and welcome to you people. I am using Creative Tims Material Kit Pro for the site UI Kit.

Mayur Chandpara

CEO / Co-Founder

He's an engineer also learned & practised in Naturopathy, Aqua Pressure and Natural treating therapies. So combined the two the engineered brain with the knowledge from the DYN & DAP, he's a refined piece of good working advice.

I try to provide you the awesome content

I try to give you the tried and tested content. The things I tried and also had heard from the people i have concerned with. The content i try to keep it as simple and as effective as possible.

1. Design/Plan

This is the moment when we come up with the research of the research and the current struggles. And we come up with new and enhanced content via a content chart/Plan.


2. Try / Test

This is the stage when the developed plan is to be applied on me either some of my clients with their agremment and we wait and watch how effective is the plan.


3. Finalise Content

With getting the good percentage of result through step 2. We finalise the plan with few if required twicks and changes. And the final content is created.