16 Quick Weight Loss Tips || Healthy body Suggestion!!

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Want to lose some weight very quickly? You’re in the right place, we’ll be discussing some different habits and practices which leads our weight gain so by improving our habits we can make a “Quick Weight Loss”. Losing weight is not a much hard task but at the same time, it is not so easy. You have to make self-control on your habits and your likes. And if you’ succeed in controlling yourself then you’ll never remember how you got that healthier and better. Beware of the fake post stating that have this pill and lose your weight instantly.

Quick Weight Loss or Lose weight fast

There’s no such thing as an instant in this process of weight loss it requires time but yes you can increase its rate but the instant that’s not a fair play. Only one way is an operation that will lead you to a sudden weight loss. So let’s start together, below are few tips for quick weight loss:

Try these tips for quick weight loss

  1. Breakfasts have it properly and do not miss it. Take it around 300 cals which could be a healthy mix of proteins and whole grain. Like the first time, you have something to fill in your stomach is breakfast so if you maintain that properly then it will give you enough energy which will save you from repetitive snaking.
Breakfast Image
  1. Little bit tweak your lifestyle and try to leave the all-or-nothing approach from your daily routine. Have your meals properly do not skip it or do not make that large. Keep everything on a regular basis.and on a regular amount. Do not make your stomach so full or so empty.
tweak lifestyle
  1. If you are fond of restaurants and visiting much often for having some delicious dishes which might be full of fat and cals so try to make that less often and if possible make that NULL for a certain time period. If you can’t go for all at once no problem go slowly, first make going there less often and ordering fewer dishes and ordering some salads. Then you can reduce some more and then more.
  1. Stop shopping like Shops: Gone to a grocery store and end up with a full basket of snacks and packets for home storage? is that something that defines you then again you need to control yourself as the snacks contain Salts and try to skip salty treasure. But the same thing shows a better option, as you are the person like the above shopper. shopping this way could show that you are stocking at home and you are saving yourself from going again and again to the store. So the next time you visit the store shop less which will not let you to stock at home, so you would need to go again to the store for the snacks. And such a way you’ll slowly leave the habit of snaking at odd times.
Shoping snacks
  1. Try to have fun with your work. Washing dishes? why not dance a little while doing that? watching a TV show? Why not take a crunch break in the middle of advertisements. The TV channels will earn money in the break and you will earn some heat. So try to be as much as Active as possible, try to keep using your energy.
  1. Do you smoke? will you keep that lighting up? then forget about being healthy or losing some weight as you cant achieve any of them with a smoke company. Smoking Kills slowly. And if you really want to achieve good health then it’s not too late come on, “throw that cigarette and smash it under your foot” you can do it. Just believe in yourself, and start some gym and exercises that will help you inhale you much more fresh air than ever before.
smoking kills
  1. Fond of full-fat snacks like ice-cream? then it’s the time to change that with some low-fat snacks like cereals. This could be a little tough but if you try for a few times when I’m sure that you’ll start to make better decisions for yourself on your own.
  2. Do you spare an hour with your friend sitting in a restaurant? try to ask him out with you after that dinner daily for a walk together. As walking together helps to keep the motivation up and that does not let the person get tired. Try to keep walking on a daily basis and jogging if you like that. Take good deep and rhythmic breaths while walking out.
  1. Have phones and earphones of good quality? If yes I guess you must be fond of songs. Right? come on guys use them up to make good playlists of the songs which fill you up with energy and take that energy for your workouts to produce fires.
  1. Be on time and be a care-taker for yourself, eat at the time and eat with limits as of the stomach. Eating proper meals with vegetables will help to resist you from eating snacks through the day. Also, do not OVEREAT, eat as per the demand of the stomach.
  1. Not only exercise helps in Quick Weight loss but yoga also has benefits over weight loss as by yoga your body stays in shape, you have control over our huger. And yoga could also help in being mindfulness and peace to help guide yourself.
  1. Eating fast foods like this day is the last day of the fast food? do not make fast food your dinner or lunch or even breakfast. Fast food should never replace that all three places. have Fast Food sometimes that’s okay but should not be consumed on a regular basis. Try to avoid Fast Foods.
  2. At the evening supper have fresh fruits, into pieces or into juice as you like it. And not only weight loss but Fresh Fruits help a lot in improving skin and different function of the body. All types of fruits can be consumed it’s not that you would take selective fruits. Taste every type of fruits and have them handy. Your skin your digestion and your body all will happily welcome the fruits you choose.
  3. Push yourself to the next level, try to join the gym or self-workouts. But start that on the regular basis. Even try out the dance classes or karate classes or aerobics or Zumba etc. Try to keep yourself more and more active as possible.
  4. DO-NOT-STOP-YOURSELF we are the closest enemy of ourselves so try not to stop yourself by any means of thinking. Once you have thought that you have to do this then go ahead and do that but do not leave in between not before gaining any results.
  5. DO-NOT-BE-HARD-ON-YOURSELF doing Quick Weight loss is not that super quick, that takes little more time then your expectations, so do not punish yourself by being much hard on your body. Know your limits that the body can bear and then go for that milestones. You might get seek if you do much more workouts even after the limit or you will leave the goal of being better. So be good on self and keep motivated and keep going.

So these were few tips on quick weight loss. If you have some more and interesting then please share it with me and others in the comments community. Thank you in advance if you are going to post some more points in the comments sections.


There are other more things which could add up to increase the rate of weight loss. The above all were how to tweak your habits and taking care of with little extra efforts into your daily routine. Let’s see something else what we can do to increase the rate of weight loss and make it really Quick Weight Loss:


This is a very common word which comes to every single time whenever we would talk about weight loss. But does that really effects on our weights? What really happens is that the weight which we are having extra are the storage of energy produced by the previous consumption but that are the treasures stored for the time of emergency. And the energy you are using would be the fresh one you have recently taken. so by doing dieting could help in your weight loss but (this but is huge) this could even lead you to unconsciousness ( that’s bad…). Let’s break down the fat forming system, it is assumed that most of the fat formation happens that is at the time of the sleep. So are having a total day to control your math of feed calories. So the most usable energy time is for breakfast then a little with lunch and you can say that dinner does not have that opportunity.

So the dieting can be done as you make the math of the calories and make it as minimum as possible and if you can make that even in negative that’s fully worth it. You might be wondering what math how to do math so let’s understand that:

We take macronutrients which make up the energy and the weight if not used. And macronutrients are the one you know they are “Carbohydrates”, “Proteins” & “Fat”. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy to our body (Glucose). Protein is used for muscle/tissue building and repair. And the fat works or provides a cushion to our internal organs. Like this, all nutrients are important for our body to function and stay balanced but we are talking about weight loss then I would recommend that you come on the protein-rich diet.

And the math of calories goes as if you consume 1gms of:

Carbohydrates will give 4 calories; So if you had 100 gms of Carbs then you had 400 calories;

Fat will give 9 calories; So if you had 100 gms of fat then you had 900 calories;

Protine will give 4 calories; So if you had 100 gms of protein then you had 400 calories;

so this is how the food math goes. So if you can use more calories than you consumed on the same day will result in using or cutting the fat stored in the body at the night time while you are sleeping.

Try to reduce the sugar intake as it is directly injecting Carbs and fat into your body. Make a target like taking only 5 spoons of sugar a day at max. I am talking about 5 spoons for the whole day. Take the heaviest breakfast then light lunch and the lightest dinner. As you know you do a lot of work throughout the day but what’s the plan for the night? just watching TV or family time or a little bit of walk. So that adds up a lot to you whole day worth. So always remember that heaviest breakfast then light lunch and lightest dinner. You can change to salads for a few periods till your goal. But even after reaching your goal try to keep your Dinner light as to maintain you worth of reducing your weight. Junk foods and fast food only provide taste and for the purpose of taste why you play with your whole body? just for the sake of your tough why pay the rest of the body? AM I right? Leave your review in the comments section.


The above all factors affects the weight gain or loss depending on person to person but even sleep effects largely on the weight and other body factors. Sleeping 8 hours a night with a relaxed mind can attract better body conditions and can help in maintaining weight. People who take proper sleep have more tendency to decrease weight more quickly than the people who not have a complete proper sleep.

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