Yummy!! Pan Fried Potato chips (Nice evening snack)

Today we’ll make pan fried potato chips in Indian style. Potatoes are rich in high calories but they are also a perfect fit for the suppers. So add one more recipe to your knowledge list for supper.

*Note: – But really guys try to avoid fried potatoes more than twice a week as they could affect our risk of death. Whether that may be French Fries, Potato chips or what else recipes made up of Fried Potatoes. Consider eating raw potatoes or baked or boiled as they are good for our bodies nutritious. Well, Neglecting above said here’s the how to make potatoes chips in a spicy way.


Things you’ll need to prepare this:

  1. Cooking Oil (Sunflower recommended as it is less sticky)
  2. Definitely the Potatoes itself. (small potatoes recommended)
  3. Chilly powder
  4. Dried Chilly (optional)
  5. Asafoetida (हिंग) 
  6. Black Mustard Seeds
  7. Cumin Seeds
  8. Garlic
  9. Lime
  10. Coriander

Potato Chips


To prepare for two persons:

Take 300 gms of potatoes and boil them a little, do not make them much soft. Now peel the skin off the potatoes and then cut them into little pieces. Note: Boiling is optional.

Take a frying pan and have 7 tbs oil or as per your taste. Now heat up the oil and add spices and potatoes in it and still it well as the spices and oil fry the potatoes and makes the colour of the slices golden brown.

After frying the potatoes add coriander on the top of the potatoes. You can also add tomatoes to the frying process or even after frying.

Potato Cips
Cooking Class – Perfect Potatoes – Pan-fried Potatoes


Take a glass plate. Pour the fried potatoes in the plate add the chopped tomatoes to the dish and also coriander. And at last pour two dips, one of ketchup and one of mustard.

Serve the dish hot. Be careful as it may look so delicious that people may not hold back to eat them up. So don’t burn yourself be easy at eating. This dish can be served as a side dish in the lunch or a main dish in the snacks of the evening.

Do Not overeat this dish as this is a full cholesterol dish which can adversely affect your health.

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