Breast Cancer: 10 Things you Should Know About!

The battle to defeat breast cancer still continues. While progress can seem slow at times, almost everyday researchers report advances in understanding and treating the disease. Drawing on the latest three months’ findings, here are up-to-the-minute insights from this international effort: 1.  High cholesterol? It could lessen your breast cancer risk.…

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french fries kills

Do you know that fries can lead to deathbed!

Hey, Guys welcome to HealthNI (Health Needs Inquisitiveness). Today will be talking on french fries news from a Research conducted by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Which stated that: Eating Fried Potatoes (French Fries) Twice A Week Can Link To Higher Risk of Death -‪‪The American Journal of Clinical…

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what is ocd

Heard of OCD? Is it self-care or disorder?

I don’t know why people do not take time to think before saying that they are OCD affected. Not every good habit shows that you are OCD affected guys. Do not name your good habits the name of OCD. There are following topics covered in this post: What does OCD…

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Best ways to beat stress and anxiety in 10 minutes

Mindfulness Meditation Helps Eliminate Anxiety: Ten-minute complete silence or Mindfulness can make you concentrate well throughout your day. Anxiety is wrapping people more and more. Why? That could be due to thinking of various thoughts at a time which could be meaningless, also it could be the repetitive thoughts, also tensions…

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Fresh watermelon Fruit chopped

How to make Watermelon Juice And Milkshake?

Watermelons one of the most mouth-watering fruit, we love it most if served cold into pieces or even slices. Also, watermelon’s juice is also equally loved and fun to drink. So today will be making some watermelon juice and watermelon milkshake. Watermelon’s Are great for the summer times as they…

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